Events and Happenings

April 26 – the National Indian Brotherhood Trust Fund is now open for individual application – applications will be accepted for education programs aimed at education, healing, and reconciliation.  Preference will be given to applicants who are former Indian Residential School students.  They recommend that applicants prepare and gather the following electronic documents prior to starting online application process:  (a) confirmation of First Nation/Metis citizenship; (b) confirmation of enrollment in post-secondary/certificate/training; (c) previous years transcripts or grades and (d) support letter from an Elder or cultural support.  Please note that the Individual call for applications is a highly competitive process and funding is not guaranteed.  If you interested in this program, please contact the JMRFN for additional information or assistance in applying.

June 22 – The Japanese film crew who were in the community last week will be back July 31st or August 1st to resume filming – they will be returning with a crew of 6 and may stay overnight.

July 21 – Service Canada will be in JMR on Friday, July 21st from 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Band office to offer in-person assistance for programs and services that includes Canada Child Benefit (SIN required); Social Insurance Number; Canada Pension Plan; Old Age Security; Guaranteed Income Supplement; Employment Insurance; Record of Employment Website; My Service Canada Account and Passports.  Please contact Mirjam Cross at (867) 874-5603 for additional information.

July 17 to 23 – Cyrielle Laurent from the Yukon Research Centre will be hosting a community meeting in addition to having one-on-one interviews to gather information on traditional knowledge of boreal caribou.  The researchers want to know how permafrost and forest fires affect the caribou habitat and people in the Jean Marie River region – they will be here to:  Determine if caribou habitat quality has changed over time; Estimate the impact of permafrost and forest fires on caribou; Estimate the current quality of caribou habitat and Understand how these changes affect you, the people of JMR and your traditional activities.

July 18 – Chief Gladys Norwegian and community member Stan Sanguez will be attending Dene National Assembly at the Hay River Reserve until Friday, July 21st.

July 24 to 25 – Graham Strickert and a team of researchers from the Yukon Research Centre are hosting a workshop to discuss climate change impacts in Jean Marie River and community adaptations. The workshop aims to identify future projects aimed at preparing for climate change, including the development of project proposals for upcoming climate change funding.

August 21 to 26 – Heidi Swanson from the University of Waterloo will be conducting a Fish Research/Sample Collection at Ekali Lake.

September 11 to 14 – there will be a National Gathering of Elders at the Edmonton Expo Centre from September 11th to the 14th – please sign up if you are interested and note that up to 10 participants will be accepted to attend.

September 11 to 17 – a Gathering of Elders is scheduled from September 11th to the 17th at Sanguez Lake for Fish Down work.  Fishing down the food web is the process whereby fisheries in a given ecosystem, having depleted the large predatory fish on top of the food web, turn to increasingly smaller species, finally ending up with previously spurned small fish and invertebrates.”  

Note:  All upcoming events from July 11th to September 17th will require cooks, assistant cooks, woodcutters, camp preparation and maintenance workers – please leave your name with receptionist Gail Sanguez if you are interested in applying for these positions.