First and foremost we would like to thank and acknowledge Health Canada’s Environmental Health Research Division for providing a majority of the funding and tremendous support for this project through the Climate Change and Health Adaptation in Northern First Nations and Inuit Communities Program. We would also like to thank the Jean Marie River First Nation in its support of this project, as well as Dehcho Health Services, and Enviro Kids for donating workbooks for the Jean Marie River School.

The Jean Marie River Climate Change Working Group and the Project Lead, Margaret Ireland, allocated resources and provided direction for this project.

Margaret Ireland, members of the Climate Change Working Group, and residents of the community of Jean Marie River, including Elders, worked together to identify those individuals who utilised the land and were knowledgeable about climatic and environmental changes to the land and the community. Margaret Ireland also provided translation services during the interviews. Ryan Brown and Sara Cook of PACTeam Canada Inc. provided professional advice and technical service in support of the project.

Last, but certainly not least, we would like to thank the community members of Jean Marie River for their support, encouragement and participation in this project, which was essential for the completion of this project.