The rich, natural landscape has sustained the community for over 100 years and provides excellent opportunities for ecotourism. We continue to assess the feasibility of developing sustainable tourism operations, which may include things such as a campground, guiding operations, cultural activities and craft sales. Additionally, we support the development of a Tthets’ ek’ ehdeli cultural centre. The cultural centre could be a significant tourist attraction for Jean Marie River.

Forestry Operations

We continue to assess sustainable forestry options and are working to ensure we have a stable, competent management structure in place to support our operations. In the past we operated a sawmill, which was very successful in the 1950s and 60s, but has struggled in recent years in large part due to changing market conditions. Part of our business development plan includes industry-specific training as necessary.

Local Retail Services

We will reassess options for retail services as the population of Jean Marie River increases. As the need for retail services grows, so too will our ability to access funding for services and provide retail management training to members.

Oil and Gas Development

We will participate in responsible oil and gas development. One of our objectives is to promote awareness of the oil and gas industry. At the same time we plan to assess the potential for rights issuance, and pre and post land claims and negotiate impact benefit agreements where warranted.

Source: Jean Marie River Community Plan 2013, interviews with members